NBL pushes through pandemic shutdowns to KICK OFF THE INAUGURAL 2021 SEASON NEXT MONTH as scheduled, Jan 9th & 10th!

EDISON, New Jersey, December 17, 2020 – (NBL) National Billiards League headquarters announces several stage 1 amateur qualifiers WILL PROCEED AS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED! Despite numerous NBL sanctioned locations around the nation being subject to local and statewide shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic and even facing financial ruin, both venues and pool players simply can’t wait to get back to normal competition.

While the majority of the 32 NBL host locations across the United States are still dealing with their local executive orders to be closed for business to limit the spread of COVID-19, a handful of venues in jurisdictions that ARE permitted to host the indoor 32 player amateur tryouts for the all new American PRO TOUR will do so on the originally scheduled dates of January 9th and 10th respectively at venues equipped to do so in one day on Sunday the 10th or over the two days if necessary. The main event for the first quarter of 2021, originally set for March, must be rescheduled to a later date (TBD) after all states have been opened back up and able to host the 2 stage-1 amateur qualifiers to crown the 64 players advancing to stage-2, the National Main Event and to collect the self-generated $200,000.00 prize fund for such.

In the meantime, players can once again enjoy NORMAL head-to-head competition at Felt Billiards – Englewood, COLORADO, Big Tyme Billiards – Spring, TEXAS, The Wolf’s Den – Roanoke, VIRGINIA, Sandcastle Billiards – Edison, NEW JERSEY, Zingale’s Billiards – Tallahassee, FLORIDA, The Rack – Fresno, CALIFORNIA, abiding by current local orders. The Brass Ring – Madison, WISCONSIN, East Ridge Billiards – Rochester, NEW YORK and other venues have been sold out with full fields of 32 players for several months and are simply awaiting restrictions to be lifted to hit the ground running!

To find other sanctioned locations not mentioned and the latest status, visit the NBL website map and news pages at NBLUSA.com and reach out to your local tour director.

72 thoughts on “NBL pushes through pandemic shutdowns to KICK OFF THE INAUGURAL 2021 SEASON NEXT MONTH as scheduled, Jan 9th & 10th!

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